Nature & Landscape Photographer | Writer | Tutor

I have the best job in the world. I spend my time in the natural world, watching and waiting and making images of nature and landscapes. I am fortunate to breath fresh air, to feel the wind on my face and to experience all that nature has to offer. But this not to say that it is easy, far from it. Nature is unpredictable. The weather can be harsh and unforgiving. My camera equipment is not light and I carry heavy loads. The paths I walk are not easy. Then there is the time I spend in front of a computer processing images whilst yearning to be outside once more. I work hard. I seek perfection knowing that I will never achieve it. I simply love my job.

I was fortunate from a young age to be exposed to nature and the great outdoors. At school, I was introduced to mountaineering and hill walking. I went on school trips to the mountains and high places of the United Kingdom. I also attended a three week Outward Bound course in Wales. After leaving school, I spent two months trekking in Nepal, reaching the Annapurna Sanctuary and then the summit of Kala Patar at 5,545 metres. At University, I continued to walk and climb in the high places progressing to the European Alps where, amongst others, I climbed Mont Blanc.

After graduating from University with a Law Degree, I studied at the College of Law at Chester before qualifying as a solicitor specialising in corporate finance.  I worked for a pre-eminent law firm in Birmingham before moving to the City of London with my soon to be wife, Jill. In the City I worked in the London office of the then largest law firm in the world, one of the so called "Magic Circle" firms. I worked on complex, multi-jurisdictional corporate transactions. I travelled within Europe and America. I worked long hours in air conditioned offices often without natural light and fresh air. As my career as a lawyer progressed, I spent less and less time with nature.

After several years working in London, we moved back to Staffordshire. Whilst my wife travelled into Birmingham to work, I commuted each day into the City, a journey of two and a half hours each way, where I continued to work ridiculously long hours as a corporate finance lawyer.

With a new home in the countryside in Staffordshire, in my spare time I started to spend time again with nature. From my kitchen window I watched fox cubs play in the field below my garden. On walks from our home, we watched Ospreys fishing in a nearby reservoir. At night, a Barn owl would hunt over the scrub at the side of the lane to my home. And, best of all, I saw Badgers in the fields. Nature & landscape photography quickly became not only my hobby but my passion and after a few years I decided to make it my profession.           

I am very fortunate to work as a landscape and nature photographer. I have the support of my wife whose patience I have tested to the limit. My work is represented by two of the United Kingdom's leading nature stock agencies, FLPA Images of Nature and RSPB Images. My images have been widely published worldwide. I am very proud that my images have been used by nature conservation organisations such as the RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts to further their work. My images have also been used to illustrate books and publications such as The BBC Wildlife Magazine and by commercial clients such as Carl Zeiss. I have written articles on landscape and nature photography for the world's oldest consumer photography magazine. I have led photography tours and have provided tuition to other photographers.

With a legal background, I have a strong sense of ethics and moral compass. I care deeply for conservation and, whilst I do not in any way over estimate my own self importance, hope that my images may in some small way contribute to the conservation of what is left of our natural world. 

 I simply love my job and being able to spend time in the natural world.