Welcome to my new website

I am delighted to launch and welcome you to my new website!

My new website has been designed to showcase my photography. The website is "responsive", i.e. its design will adjust to the device and screen size that is used to view it maximising your viewing experience. 

I have uploaded a large number of images onto the galleries on the website, some you may have seen before on my previous site but many more new ones. The website will allow me to provide frequent updates, with new images being uploaded together with articles and news. I will add new articles on a regular basis and the most recent of these will be displayed on the home page.

The website has links to my social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can contact me by using the form on the Contact Page or by clicking the email link. 

I really hope you enjoy looking at the images and reading the articles on my new website. Please contact me or drop me an email with any comments and/or ideas you my have. I am always interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions. For now, I will finish with an image of one of this year's young Badger cubs that was photographed last week at a location less than a mile from my home.

Young Badger Cub