Gwent Wildlife Trust - Green woodpecker image use

I am always interested to see how my images are being used by my clients. However, when my images are sold through one of the agencies that represent my work, I do not always get to see how my images have been used, I simply receive a statement of usage. Occasionally I have advance notification from an agency that one of my images will be used in a certain way or in a publication. On other occasions, I have come across one of my images when looking at a publication. In any event, it is always great to see one of my images being used.

When I submitted images to WildNet, which is the Wildlife Trusts' internal image library, one of the options was to have advance notification of image usage. Over the years that my work has been with WildNet, this advance notification has provided me with an interesting insight into how the individual Wildlife Trusts have used my images.

I recently received a notification from Gwent Wildlife Trust that the trust would be using one of my images of a Green woodpecker in their business membership publication, an extract of which is published below.