RSPB Membership Cards

A couple of days ago, I was informed that one of my images of a kingfisher had been chosen by the RSPB (the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) for their membership cards and complimentary passes. My images have been represented by RSPB Images for many years and I was really pleased to find out that this image had been used in this way. It is always a pleasure to see my images being used, especially for conservation causes. With over a million members, this image is now be my most cirulated print.

The image of the kingfisher was made back in 2011 when I spent three weeks photographing kingfishers on a river not far from my home. I had originally set out to photograph a small colony of sand martens that were nesting in a sand bank on the side of the river. Whilst in my hide photographing the sand martens, I felt someting land on top of it, a few seconds later I saw the Kingfisher as it flew from the top of the hide and dived in the river for fish before flying off downstream. I popped out of my hide and quickly placed a dead tree branch in the river as a perch near to where I had seen the kingfisher dive. Within a few minutes the kingfisher was back and perched on the branch I had set up. After photographing the sand martens, I turned my attention to the kingfishers, this proved to be a very challenging but rewardeing project.

Whilst I was really pleased with the original image, I did kick myself for not making a wider composition that would have included a full reflection of the Kingfisher rather than just a reflection of its beak and part of its head. After eight years, I re-processed the image in Photoshop by duplicating it to create an image with a full reflection of the Kingfisher. Whilst I would have preferred to have made this image in camera, I am really pleased with how it looks.