British Wildlife Photography Awards

I am really pleased that one of my images of a Starling perched on a supermarket shopping trolley has been chosen by the judges of the tenth British Wildlife Photography Awards for inclusion in the urban wildlife catagory of the portfolio book.

last winter I spent several days photographing a flock of Starlings that had taken to feeding around a supermarket in a town centre. Photographing wildlife in urban locations has its unique challenges and considerations. Just walking around with a long telephoto lens can attract attention. On one occassion whilst lying down on the ground to photograph a group of Starlings that were feeding on discarded food scraps, a lady approached me and kindly asked if I was okay, she had mistakenly believed I had fallen over and injured myself.

Ths image shows a Starling perched on a supermarket trolley with two red post boxes in the background. The image was made with a Nikon D5 and Nikon 180-400 TC1.4 VR Lens, handheld at 1/640 second, f4 at iso 1250. The image was processed in Adobe Lightroom.