Practical Photography - The Secret World Of Badgers

I am really pleased that the January 2019 edition of Practical Photography has a seven page feature on my work photographing Badgers. The feature is aptly titled: “The Secret World of Badgers”, as despite being one of our most iconic and well loved animals, Badgers are an animal that most people have never seen. The images used in the feature were made over a period of eight years at Badger setts close to my home in Staffordshire.

Practical Photography is published every four weeks and is full of inspiring photography, articles and tips and techniques all designed to improve your photography. Practical Photography also has a YouTube channel which can be found at Practical Photography - YouTube. I would like to thank Louise, Ben, Chris and all of the team at Practical Photography for publishing this feature.

With the future of our Badgers still uncertain in light of the misguided Government cull that has been taking place against all of the scientific evidence in an attempt to reduce the incident of Bovine TB in cattle, the timing of the Practical Photography feature’s publication could not be better. The more people that see how beautiful these sentient animals are the more chance we have of stopping this needless cull.

The recently published report by Sir Charles Godfray has confirmed that the primary cause of the spread of Bovine TB in cattle is from cattle to cattle transmission and not from Badger to cattle transmission. Furthermore, independent studies by leading scientists and veterinarians, including Dr Iain Mcgill at the Prion Interest Group, have highlighted the inability of the current testing method to accurately detect Bovine TB in cattle. This has led to many herds being wrongly declared free of Bovine TB when in fact the herd is infected. Subsequent outbreaks of Bovine TB in the herd result from cattle to cattle transmission from within the herd that was wrongly declared as free from Bovine TB and not from Badger to cattle transmission.

It is time that our Government and the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs stop the Badger cull once and for all and adopt an effective policy that will protect our farmers and wildlife from Bovine TB.